Production Equipment for organization of digital and analog broadcasting

Research and development

RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT "TV System" Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI) is located in the Science Center MTUCI. The department employs over 50 highly skilled employees, including 1 doctor of science and 4 ph.D. Enormous scientific and technical potential of the NGO-10 is widely used for different kinds of R & D, including for third parties

The main directions of our work:

  • Development of devices forming the video and radio signals, including analog and digital processing of the PLL gain and postprocessing
  • Development of devices with digital modulation types (COFDM et al.)
  • Development of power amplifiers in the frequency range from tens of MHz to several GHz. Includes the development vysokolineynyh channel and broadband amplifiers with output power from a few milliwatts to several kilowatts
  • Development of transmitters for digital and analogue TV
  • Development of passive microwave devices, antennas, filters, combiners, diplexers, couplers, antennas and other equivalents
  • Development of receivers for demodulating the radio signal including digital
  • Development of control systems equipment, including network systems support a variety of standard interfaces
  • Software Development
  • Development of measurement technology for television broadcasting
  • Design of the product and the inner structure
  • Development of design documentation

  • «Over the years MTUCI produced more than two thousand television transmitters. Existing capacities allow to produce more than 400 transmitters per year. The main consumers of our products are Broadcasting Center (RTPTS) Russia and the CIS countries, as well as private TV stations.

    Make deliveries as certain types of equipment and systems, including in its membership television transmitters, combiners, antenna-feeder systems, measuring devices and other equipment.

    MTUCI provides customers with a full range of services for maintenance of the equipment supplied, including the training of specialists and post-warranty repair.

    In the market of television equipment NGO-10 occupies a strong position for over twenty years. Over the years our equipment has established itself as a reliable and easy to operate. With our equipment can be found on the exhibitions SvyazEkspokom, TRBE, NAT EXPO, regional exhibitions and seminars.

    We are grateful to all who use our equipment, as well as those who participated and receives direct or indirect participation in its creation or revision


    In the 10 NGOs emphasize quality products. In the product, use only proven solution, they were approved in the various R & D projects carried out by the department. Used for the production quality domestic and foreign components and materials. The vast amount of equipment is made with the use of surface mount technology. Use manual and semi-automated method of installing components and soldering in an infrared oven. All the equipment is subjected to many hours of testing - Industrial "Run". Metrological base includes a full spectrum of instrumentation attorney: generators, frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, power meters, demodulators, the analyzer "RAP-TV". Accessibility equipment for the assessment of the quality of the signal DVB-T.


    —Since the establishment of our organization and our partners are currently working together are regional Broadcasting Center (ORTPTS), private TV in Russia and abroad, design organizations, the Moscow Regional Center.